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One of the cutest 5 year olds you will find

By February 21, 2016 No Comments

Rachel With Turtle My Reflection In The Window With Matthew CharterCharter

Thank Capt Shane for an amazing 6 days cruising the Spanish VI. This has been an awesome first time for Matthew & me.

Bob truly enjoyed learning more about sailing a ‘cat’, his future dream. The “Drink of the Day” was always delicious, as was the cuisine.

Matthew of course has enjoyed the Pirate Room and the “new” noise/sound maker toy. He says his favorite part of the trip is when Capt Shane touched the sting rays tail! “OF COURSE!” I know that he also enjoyed seeing & swimming with the turtles. He will never forget the movie “Castaway” and Wilson! Every time he sees a coconut he will remember.

We all enjoyed your fresh bread, and the delicious chocolate surprise! The cherry pastry was a close second. The fish was all delicious, thank you!

We look forward to returning & sailing again. Hopefully on the Guiding Light.

Looking forward to watching the Super Bowl….Go Broncos!!

Rachel, Bob, and Matthew

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