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Once again….plastic water bottles are BAD!

By November 10, 2015 2 Comments

I feel very fortunate that 95% of the guest aboard the Guiding Light embrace the idea of no disposable water bottles. Instead they use the reusable bottles I give them and drink the water from the boat’s tank, which runs through a charcoal filter. A couple reasons why this is a good thing is that:

1) Less than 20% of the one time bottles are recycled like everyone thinks they are. The rest end up in the dump or worst in the ocean and on pristine beaches in the middle of no where.

2) Bottled water is usually the same quality as tap water within the USA.

3) The amount of money saved by not buying bottled water is amazing. Just think the dent we can place on global manufactures and divert that money to local small businesses.

Here is an article that I read and REALLY like stating exactly what I have said and so much more.



One last time, bottled water is BAD for the environment!!!!! What do you think?


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