I started this week in Rock Sound, Eleuthera waiting for some unsettled, rainy weather to pass, so I removed the temporary boost pump I installed on the water maker.  I had used a diaphragm bilge pump with the hopes of it making it back to the States and replacing it with a constant flow pump then.  But the pump burned out so I am back to the way it originally was, which is OK but I still will put on a new pump.

On Tuesday I sailed 15 miles with the jib to Tarpum Bay in order to see the castle (it is a modern building with a turret – see picture).  This community is on a hillside with some nice architecture painted in lovely pastels.  It is suppose to be an artist haven with the castle being an art gallery.  Well the gallery is being renovated, but I did get to see the outside and I got on the internet for free across the street at the library.  There is not a lot of protection at Tarpum Bay and it was early afternoon when I was done, so I sailed another 5 miles and stayed at South Palmetto Point.  The guides said there was a restaurant at the marina serving gelato.  Once I kayaked ashore and walked a mile, I found out it was replaced by a new restaurant and that one is closed down also.  Plus the marina is barely running and I could have docked for the night for free.  Oh well lesson learned, guides listing restaurants and bars can be out of date before they are printed.

The next morning I sailed the whole 5 miles to Governor’s Harbour, where I spent the next three days exploring the town with Karl and Jan of White Pepper.  Cupid Cay was the capital at one time and has some great architecture, but the nicest part of town is on the hill to the northeast of the anchorage.  We visited the Haynes Library (see photo), which is a pink building with green gingerbread trim and was built in 1897.  It has always been the focus of the town.  On Friday I attended the weekly fish fry (party with food).  We also found an art gallery with some great driftwood and sea glass works (see photo), and a movie theater (I really wanted to watch a movie there but they did not have one playing this week), but the highlight of the week for me was the bakery because it had donuts!!!!

I know it is not as important as light & darkness or heaven & earth which is why it was not mentioned in Genesis, but I bet if the bible keep listing things God created he would have gotten to donuts on day 15 or so.  I have missed them here in the Bahamas, but I got to have a real glazed twisted donut and I quote God when I say “and it is good” :).

Yesterday I had to motor 5 miles to Alabaster Bay in order to pick up Michael from the airport.  We walked half a mile or so the dinghy (he brought me a new prop, so we are good to go again) and he is back aboard for two weeks.

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