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Oldies but goodies

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Showing of the Guiding Light

Full Moon Party

Hanging out in the cockpit


Showing of the Guiding Light


It might have been “oldies” week on the Guiding Light but one benefit was that we were obviously the most experienced “twisters” at the Trellis Bay Full Moon Party. The buffet, complete with goat curry for us old goats, was good and the local pie lady provided dessert for our birthday boy.

Our mooring at Salt Pond Bay provided some memorable moments – friendly sea turtles offering escort from shore to boat, excellent steaks a la Shane capped off by his yummy sopapilla cheesecake (equally as impressive as his bread pudding and pineapple soufflé!), watching the bioluminescence in the water after dark, and picking out the Southern Cross among the stars.

Captain Shane did an admirable job of tolerating the beer drinking, tobacco spitting country boy from East Texas, who surely provided story fodder for future charters. Not surprisingly though, our country boy was our early riser and gladly mastered the French Press to keep our coffee cups full every morning.

We weren’t such oldies that paddle boarding could not be conquered. It was, along with a variety of dismounts, and video tutorials of the following can be had for a price – running front dismount, stumbling back dismount, and splits that will make the viewer wince while thinking “that had to hurt.”

Our Captain’s mantra, “I’m here for you”, went as far as tailoring his t-shirt selection to us Texans, although the Blue Bell Ice Cream t-shirt was a “cranky” reminder of our current deprivation of said Blue Bell back home.

As we are winding up our week and looking forward to dropping anchor, one last time, in Christmas Cove and ordering dinner from the Pizza Pi boat, we are currently under sail, trolling for one more barracuda catch and preparing for a hike to the petroglyphs.

Tips for future groups: bring plenty of non aerosol sunscreen, pack light, definitely take Shane up on his offer to cook a few dinners for you, if you have a good snorkel mask of your own bring it (although masks are provided), and be a good listener during orientation.

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