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What a surprise the Old Fort at the top of Mt Pleasant turned out to be

By July 15, 2018 No Comments
Me at the old fort on Bequia

I know I have been writing a lot of blogs about Bequia in The Grenadines, but we had so much fun on this island and there are so many adventures to share with you. Today will be the last one before we sail to Canouan, I promise. So, after we visited the museum about whale hunting that I told you about on Thursday we decided to walk back from Friendship Bay to town, so we could walk up Mt Pleasant and see the old fort ruins.

The walk was nice enough even though it was steep and hot, but when we got towards the top we saw a mini mart and beelined it inside for something to drink. We learned that we could take the fork just outside either way as it was a loop, so we chose to continue uphill and then finish coming down instead of the other way around. Of course, when the lady looked at us funny when we asked which way to the old fort ruins it should have been a clue for us.

Lounge at the Old FortIt took a bit and we needed another person to point us in the right way later one (same funny look though), but we found the old fort. The problem is that is was really the Old Fort Villa & Estate. Turns out someone had taken the remains of the one-time small fort and turned it into a boutique resort. Image our shock and disappointment when we found out we were not going to see the ruins as an old fort. Of course, once we started walking around and looking we were blown away at how rustic and wonderful the villa was. It was so quaint and peaceful I think both of us wanted to sit down and not leave for a few days. ????

A room at the Old FortOn the way back we took a wrong turn (looking at a map later I totally get what we did wrong) and ended up farther from town on a dead end road. As we headed the correct way a local started talking to us (probably weird to see tourist that far back) and ended up offering us a ride into town (what a God send!!!!). Turns out Rohan is a local, but lives and teaches in Bermuda where his wife is from and he visits both the US and UK (where my friend Steve is from) every year to show his students different colleges. It was really cool getting a ride from him, but even better getting to know him and his story. What a great way to end our time on Bequia. Now we are off for Canouan.

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