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Not all fun and games

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Most people think I live an amazing life all the time down here in paradise, and usually I can’t disagree with them. But putting the boat back in the water is a hot, dirty, tiring job and not something I look forward to each year.

Some of the projects I did this year:

  • Striped, stained, and varnished the wood trim in the solon and the outside boards
  • Took out an extra water tank in order to have more storage
  • Had fiberglass on starboard side repaired
  • Had the starboard outside staircase resealed (photos are from that, sorry about lack of other photos, but I was so busy I never got around to it)
  • Had the 2-3 inch platform the toilets sit on removed
  • Got new anchor chain, bearings in the main sail’s cars, other rigging issues taken care of
  • Had the solon cushions re-done again (frustration!!!)
  • Reorganized a lot of gear

On top of all this I had Migdalia and her cousin come in and clean everything. I tell you without their help I would have never gotten it all done.

Once I got the boat put into the water I realized my port starting battery was dead and I am having issues with that engine smoking. I don’t know what is wrong yet, but I am sure I will keep you informed with another blog once I know.

The good news is the boat is floating in the water and paradise is only a sail away. Live is looking up just like it does every year around this time.

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