Working on the boat

Nice to have friends to help haul a boat

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When I hauled the boat out of the water this year I had help from Leala, her daughter Zoe, my friend Kris, her husband Don, and her daughter Bella. It is a good thing I had their help because the yard needed me to back into a slip with around 6 inches of clearance on each side. Plus we had a 10-15 know cross wind. It was not fun, but everyone helped with lines and fenders in order insure no damage was caused. Once in the slip the yard put slings around it and up the Guiding Light goes.

One casualty was a pair of shorts I ripped the butt out of when we were trying to lift the dinghy and slide it under the Guiding Light for long term storage. Opps. Kris says you should have seen my face as I shot upright and covered my bottom with my hands.  🙂

Up you go

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