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New York City here we come!!!!!!

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[Mom – September 28, 2019 – We had Mexican food our first and last nights in Israel. We then went back to the hotel where Janice was spending the night since she did not leave until the next day to play cards while Bill took a nap (the effect of the margaritas may have added to that!) Bill, Shane and I left the hotel around midnight since we had a 13 hour flight that took off at 5:30 a.m. and landed in NYC at 12:30 pm. Ukraine Air was a nice airline to fly on.

After a couple of train rides and a line to check into our room at the Hotel Pennsylvania, a 1800 room hotel built in the early 1900s that has had very little upgrading since that time, we got settled in before going out to eat hot dogs at Gray’s Papaya, looking at the Empire State building, the New York Public Library and a weed store ( Shane said “First margaritas and now weed. What is happening to my dad?!”)]

I know it has been a while since I wrote, but today I want to start telling you about the 5 days I spent in New York City with my parents after we left Israel and Jordan. Above you can read what my mother wrote on her Facebook page about this day.

The funnest part is the margaritas. The Mexican restaurant mom mentions did a really smart idea, they brought out a small sample of the four different margaritas they offered. Well, let me tell you, it worked. I wanted one and asked if anyone else would also. This was mostly to my mom’s friend, Janice, since my parents don’t drink. I mean a six pack of beer will last over six months in their frig for crying out loud!!!! To my surprise everyone said yes and we ordered a liter of margaritas, giving us each a glass. They were really good and smooth and before you know the glasses were empty and I wanted another to go with dinner and asked if anyone else wanted another. Janice and my dad said yes and my mom told my dad he could have hers, so out came another liter of margaritas. This time my dad sucked his down rather quick and took my mom’s. He finished hers at a bit of a slower pace, but still fast. Then when I turned around he took mine that I had only had a sip of and gulped it down looking at me like the cat with the canary in his mouth. The best part came when I scolded him and said he just drank a liter of margaritas, he is still grinning at this point, so I put it in terms he would understand. I said well you get to pay the EIGHTY DOLLAS for all the margaritas since you drank over half of it. That “I got away with something” grin quickly drooped into shock and dismay when he said “the margaritas were HOW MUCH?!?!” Haha.

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