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New Years with Norway

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Pirate time

Laying around Where's dad? Rock stars at the Baths Pirate time

Our names are Frida (14) and Mari (16) and we come from a family of four from Norway. We have spent a week on Shane`s catamaran “Guiding Light” from the end of December to some days after new year’s. Our family likes exploring, but also to relax from time to time. With this information Shane gave us a memory worthy trip that we will never forget.

Living on a boat for a week has been a magnificent experience for all of us. We have been snorkeling in the most beautiful places, enjoying the sun on the trampoline on the boat, tasted exotic drinks, seen the life in the ocean, traveled through a labyrinth of gigantic rocks in “The baths” and much much more. And all of this was arranged by Shane.

Snorkeling may have been our favorite activity during our stay. We do not usually go underwater in the ocean, so seeing the life underwater was mind blowing for us. We saw so many weird fish and coral and even a sunken ship! If we ever come back, we will do that again.

Like we mentioned, we spent our vacation there from December to January, meaning that we spent New Year’s Eve there. Shane had the evening planed out and we were all excited. He had 3 stops for us to celebrate on. The first stop was an outdoor restaurant where we ate dinner. But it was not just a regular restaurant at that time of the year. It was “Happy Arr”! A pirate theme! Shane had costumes ready and we all dressed up as pirates while we sang pirate songs with all the other people at the restaurant.

After dinner we took off our costumes and went to an outdoor bar and had some drinks. There we just talked and had fun. Then we went to our last stop at stop number three. There it was some people singing reggae music while we relaxed on some sun beds. Before the clock was twelve we went back to the boat and played a surprisingly fun card game. At twelve o’clock, Shane tried to have some “firework” by using old flares. But only one out of maybe six flares worked, so we had a good laugh for each flare we tried to fire.  New Year’s Eve was totally worth having there!

In the end, none of all of this stuff we have been doing would have been possible without our own captain Shane. He was not only the captain, but also our guide, cook and friend. We miss him as well as the trip.

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