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New ways to meet new friends!

By June 8, 2020 No Comments

Back at the beginning of the pandemic I was anchored next to a family of four on a catamaran. We had waved back and forth a few times, but one afternoon I felt a jarring jolt to the boat and ran onto the deck to find them backing away. Turns out the kids were building forts at the helm and bumped the throttle into gear, so when the dad started the engine for some maintenance the boat headed forward and to one side……right into my port stern. Hello neighbor. Haha

Since that time I have hung out with the family and we have played games, had dinners, and hosted parties on each others boats. I will have to admit it was not the best way to meet someone, but I am so glad to know this amazing family.

About a month after “The Greeting” he was finally able to get some to work on my boat, since the lockdown was lightened. We had Humbert in Marigot Bay, St Lucia do the work and it looks great. He started by chipping out all the broken joint compound and fiberglass. Then he filled it all in before he finished with the finishing gelcoat. I have always said fiberglass work is an artform and this guy is most definitely an artist.

I was on and off the dock in two night and back out in the anchorage where I got the wind in the hatches and the same family over for a game afternoon. Don’t get mad at people. Look at it as a way to make new friends! 🙂

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