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New water bottles on the Guiding Light

By April 30, 2015 2 Comments
New water bottles

I am very excited to announce that my current guest are the first to get the newly re-designed Guiding Light water bottles.

I provide water bottles as a souvenir of people’s trip and more importantly as a way to restrict the use of disposable water bottles. Every time a one use water bottle is used there is more plastic in the world and the potential they will end up in the world’s oceans. I am begging people to limit the use of disposable water bottles by drinking filtered tap water and getting a reusable bottle to take with them when they are on the go.

With that public announcement out of the way, I am excited about these new water bottle because they are transparent and I think they look great with the white logo. What do you think?

New water bottles

Of course now I have to figure out where to store 300 water bottles on the boat. I know, life is tough for me. 🙂

Watter Bottles


  • Shane says:

    Will red and purple work? The other colors are clear, blue, black, and green.

  • Aunt Patty and Uncle Chuck says:

    Cailyn, Addisyn and Meredith want to know where their pink or purple ones are!!!

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