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I have a new seat to sail the Guiding Light from

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Let me start with the fact that there was nothing wrong with the old seat. The fabric was just worn out. The seat itself was a white vinyl with textured lines on it. I found it at a used boat parts store in Kemah, TX for $50 back in 2009. Over the years the vinyl had what looked like mildew on it, but I could never get it to clean off. I am told this is normal and just the material aging. Even worse was the blue back rest. It was the original material from when I bought the boat and was very worn and dirty.

I told Carol, at Atlantic Canvas in Puerto Del Rey, to recover the seat and back rest and that I did not need anything fancy (like the textured lines from before). When I got back she had this simple while seat with the blue piping that matched the new back rest. I was not expecting the piping and I have to say it looks great. I am so proud of how it looks.

If you are in Puerto Rico and need canvas work done, Carol is your woman…..BUT you need to give her time to get to it because she is super busy!!!!

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