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New sails make for a better sail

By December 31, 2015 7 Comments
Me with my new sails

The last upgrade I did this off season was to replace both of my sails. Gone are the worn out, stained, and stretched out sheets of fabric I had before. Now I have crisp and white sails flying off the boat. If it makes sense you can hear the hear the newness in the sails.

Jorge in Puerto Rico (he is my rigger and very good if you need someone) measured and ordered them from Neil Pryde in Connecticut. Both sails are made of dacron and the jib is 8 oz while the main is almost 10 oz (this refers to the thickness of the sail).

When I arrived to the boat Jorge already had them bent on and partly rigged. All I had to do was finish rigging the sails with sheets, halyards, and reefing lines. This is where the only issue crept up. Turns out my new sail’s reefing point are just a little higher than the old ones and the lines are to short. To solve this issue I moved each reefing line down (disregarding the first and shortest one) one level and bought a new line for the 3rd reef and now all is good.

I can’t wait to sail around the Virgin Islands with my guest this year and see what differences I can detect in the performance. I am sure it will be huge!!!!!

Wing on wing sailing Me with my new sails


  • Blieu says:

    I think I watched them, but I need to go back to see them again.

    We don’t have a firm date to buy yet, but we think in the next couple years or so.

    We hope you have a good season this year!

  • Shane says:


    It is great hearing from you. Did you ever check out the early Bahamas travel videos that I filmed with you guys aboard? The sails were around $8500. What is your ETA for the new boat?

  • Shane says:


    It is too bad you have to wait until June!!!!!

  • Shane says:


    Thank you for the kind words!!!! it is really appreciated as you are correct that I do take a lot of pride in my boat, home, and business (easier when they are all rolled into one 🙂 ). Bring your game and we will put the boats through their paces.

  • Blieu says:

    Hey, Shane! I’m curious; how much did your new sails set you back? I’d like to know for when we buy our boat.


  • James Ladtkow says:

    When you said the new sails sounded different it reminded me of Jimmy Buffet

    Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind that our
    Forefathers harnessed before us.
    Hear the bells ring as the tide rigging sings.
    It’s a son of a gun of a chorus.

    Really getting excited about visiting in June and seeing all of the improvements you have made.


  • Michael says:


    Oh my goodness! Your sails and boat look great! Your pride of ownership is very apparent. So not only great looking, but I too am very interested to learn the improved sailing performance Guiding Light demonstrates. Please keep us posted! Now, I am going to have to up my game. 🙂


    SY One Love

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