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New remote for the windless

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Windless remote

My boat has a lofrens Tigres windless on it. In fact it may have come from the factory this way, but it keeps on working. So I am happy to have it aboard (hauling chain and anchor up by hand gives you a workout, but it no fun). The issues I was having is that the remote for the unit had a wire that broke inside and I had to splice it back together and then tape the remote so it would stay as one unit. Also the buttons had so much gunk on them it was gross.

I finally decided it was time to invest in a new remote. The first issue I had was locating one since the windless is French and the American distributor has switched from one on the paperwork I have. I found out Budget Marine carries some remotes and I went it to get it, but their remote had three pins and mine had four. After checking mine and finding out one of the pins was not in use I got the new remote. The installation was  normal except whoever installed the old one had the up and down wires reversed and I had to rewire to get it to go in the correct direction.

Fun stuff! Now it goes the right way, looks good, won’t fall apart, and even hangs on the wall again.

Windless remote

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