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New hatch screens really make the cabins look better

By February 6, 2018 No Comments
Ocean air skyscreen

I had an old style sun screen in each cabin. They were ok, but all they were was a blind you pulled and hooked around two tabs. Replacing these will not add to the safety of the boat or anything, but it sure made the cabin look nicer.

I installed Oceanair skyscreen which provide a ring around the hatch and the sunscreen slides from one end. The best part is the other side has a bug screen, which is not something I have need very often but would have been nice the few times I needed them.

Installing the skyscreens could not have been easier. The box came with four plastic parts that snap into place forming a square ring. Inside this you press a rubber gasket into a slotand they are ready to hang. I had Melek outside and she reached through the hatch and held the skyscreen in place while I screwed the four corners down.

It is that simple and the rooms look that much more clean and elegant.

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