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Never let doubt be the cause of your failure!!!!

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Doubt Kills

How true is the saying that doubt kill more dreams than failure ever will? Have you ever let doubt kill a dream of yours? Big or small?

I know I have failed at things, but I always try and not let doubt be the reason for failure. If you want to do something you have to be willing to work at making it come true. If I let my doubts about sailing alone from the Virgin Islands to St Lucia where I picked up Steve stop me then I would not be on this grand adventure I have been writing about for the last several months. Of course, I was nervous about being alone, but I also knew my doubt was a higher risk than reality.

Right AttitudeThe second part of not letting doubt be the cause of failure is to also have the right attitude. Everything will not go the way you expected. There will be hiccups, but you have to roll with them and adjust the plan accordingly. Having to rebuild my dinghy engine and getting delayed on my crossing to the Windward Islands was not my plan, but I had to deal with it. Of course, I wanted to get going, but it was what it was and my departure got delayed. Turns out I still had a great adventure, saw new islands, and experienced once in a life events.

Life isAs Bob Bitchin from Cruising Outpost says “the difference between adventure and ordeal is attitude”! So, don’t let doubt stop you and if you have to change your attitude so everyday is an adventure and not an ordeal.

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