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Who is going to win?

I really enjoy what I do to support the lifestyle I have, but it is not all parties, beaches, and snorkeling as some people think. In fact once my guest come aboard they realize just how much I work during their charter and one guest asked me to write about my typical day on charter to share with everyone. So here it goes.

I usually wake up before everyone onboard around 6:30-7 and boil water in order to have fresh brew coffee in the French press when people get up. Trust me when I say coffee ready as soon as you are up makes almost everyone even happier to be here. After getting the coffee started I spend 20-30 minutes getting the dough for my homemade bread, so it can rise for an hour (I make two loafs every other day). By this time people are usually starting to stir, so I get breakfast stuff out and if my guests want to cook eggs and bacon I have that all ready for them. Of course during all of this I have to find time to enter into my daily log fuel, power, and water levels plus weather and what happened the day before.

After we get everything cleaned up from breakfast my guest and I start our day and can vary from swimming, sailing, going to a beach, snorkeling, a hike, and more. Of course everyone is excited around lunch time because they have been smelling the fresh bread for a hour or two. I get out stuff for PB&J, cold cuts and cheese, and/or tuna fish sandwiches based on what my guest want for lunch. We also have veggies and chips with sliced cucumbers sprinkled with a chili and lime spice being a favorite.

After lunch is cleaned up we are right back at it with fun and exciting things to do. If fact we will typically hit 3-4 activities during the day and move the boat 5-15 miles (but if my guest want to just stay in one spot and relax we can do that also – it is totally up to them). When I have active group we are one of the last boats into an anchorage.

Once it is 5-5:30 I start getting the drink of the day ready for everyone, so we can sit around and marvel at the wonderful day we had and enjoy each other’s company while having a tasty drink. After this I have to get dinner made (I cook three dinners on a seven night charter), which can be two or three courses (starter, entrée, and dessert). During this time everyone else is either relaxing, cleaning up if we had time when not we book a maid, and instead they help me prepare dinner.

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After dinner is served and cleaned up people either want to just hang out, play board games, or watch a movie and most people go to bed between 9 and 10 due to being wiped out with all the activities.

Before I go to sleep around 11 I put all the dried dishes away, get the kettle filled up, and straighten the cockpit and solon areas up so we can start yet another day in paradise. Isn’t life great?!?!?!

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