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By March 17, 2015 One Comment

After four years I had to get a new phone, since my old one could not tell if it was plugged in or not and would beep all the time.

Last month I went in to use my upgrade to get a new phone, but they told me my upgrade had already been used. You see back when I was in the Bahamas I moved my phone number to my parents service to save money, since I was not able to use the phone in the Bahamas and $20 a month sounded a lot better than $100.

Well my dear and loving dad ended up stealing my upgrade three days before I was able to use it, meaning I had to keep using my broken piece of junk.


Lucky for me his upgrade came only one month later and I was able to get a Samsung Galaxy 5 sport. It is amazing the things I can do with it that my old phone could not do. Of course the Galaxy 4 would have been a vast improvement, but I went with the 5 sport because it is waterproof to 5 feet. This means that if I fall into the water at the dock I won’t lose the phone like I did one time a year ago or so. haha


One Comment

  • Dad and Mom says:

    We think you forgot to mention an important detail in the whole phone situation! ♡♡♡♡♡

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