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My new hard top

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My brother and I just pulled into Cruz Bay on St John after an overnight motor sail from St Maarten.  I finally left the shipyard even though they had not completed everything, because I needed to get the USVI in order to prepare for the upcoming boat show and show Vance around a bit.

Above you can see photos of my new hardtop.  I am quite proud of it and think it will be a nice addition for my guest in the coming years.  The main feature is the sliding pilot hatch over the helm.  The shipyard guys had not heard of it before and thought it was great and would have worked well on a couple other boats they have done.

I still need to complete the finishing touches they shipyard needed “one more day” to complete (of course they said that for over a week) and get the boat measured for an enclosure to keep out the rain and sunscreens, which can double as a insect net on the very few days you need it (I have wanted netting all of 5-6 days in over 3 years).

Why don’t you leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the new top?

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