My new friend Mrs. Octopus

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My new friend the octopus

There I was snorkeling in Christmas Cove and I found a tin can on the seas floor. Boy was I surprised when I looked inside and found this little octopus. I swam back to the boat with it to show Melek and when I put the can in a bucket, out came a mama octopus and all her babies (you can see them in the photo below). She still had a hundred eggs strung together that she was gathering and clutching to protect them. After we admired how nature and motherly instints work we put her back in the ocean.

I was saddened that I distubed her, but I did not know she had the eggs until she came out of the can. After that I was amazed at how small each of the little guys were. I will cherish this moment for a long time and I am so glad we were able to get the cool cover photo before releasing her.

What do you think? what is your favorite sea creature encounter?

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