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My hut, my woman, my moment

By July 19, 2015 No Comments

Well, I am sure that it’s no surprise that the trip with Shane is an amazing one.  I have to talk about one specific moment, however, that ranks in the top 5 of all time.  Today we went to a beach, which was beautiful of course, but the best part wasn’t necessarily the location, but rather the time I had with my wife, Andrea.  We found this old bungalow looking thing up a hill that was barely standing and had no structural integrity…if I had sneezed, it probably would have fallen over.  The sand had blown half way up the thing so you could barely fit under it.  Andrea and I squeezed ourselves under there just enough to get some shade.  From there we had a wonderful view.  We could see the white sandy beach, the light blue water lightly curling onto shore.  The Guiding Light off in the distance.  She mentioned that she was a little tired so we pulled out a towel and leaned back on the softest sand I have ever felt.  I didn’t sleep but she dozed off for a few. Though it was a gorgeous moment and place, the fact that I was there with Andrea made it even more special.  I would have liked the moment if I were by myself or with a friend, but to be with her pushed it into the top of my list.  The lesson is; being loved in a single moment is better than a thousand lovely moments.  

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