My friend Barry (by: Leala)

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barracuda-facts Swiming with turtles Diving the shipwreck Barracuda by Shane

I have always been a fan of snorkeling and seeing wild life in its natural setting.  Now in California, where I am from, sad to say you don’t often see a lot.  So while in the Virgin Islands I’ve been enjoying all the different fish, turtles, cuttlefish and soft corrals.  Except for Barry!  Oh you don’t know Barry?  Otherwise known as the Great Barracuda (3 feet long, pointy under bite with scary teeth, likes shiny things and can swim alarmingly fast).

I have always had a fondness for the likes of barracuda.  I love the Heart song.  I have even owned a 1968 convertible car with your name sake.  Barry, maybe this is the attraction you find for me?

I have run into you twice so far.  Are you following me?

Now at Fish Keys I know it was just a random chance meeting, you even had a friend with you.  Your introduction frankly was just a little too forward Sir.  Luckily I had a friend with me.  I decided that jumping on my 6’4 210lb friend’s back (positioning his body between mine and Barry1 and Barry2) would make us look like we were a 330lb really big fish.  Personally I think this was a great plan as size rules in the sea.  Unfortunately my friend thought I was crazy.  No matter, I can live with that.

Our second meeting was at Shipwreck cove.  I saw you right away as I was putting my fins on and getting ready for the dive.  Just hanging out under the boat, really Barry? I have another snorkel buddy already.  He is bigger and frankly a little cuter than you.  I think we need some space, you should just go.  Nope.  We dive the whole shipwreck, which was awesome, spooky, and fantastic! (but, I tangent)  After being in the water for over an hour, believe it or not I was getting cold, so I  headed back to the boat.  My big buddy was still hunting photo ops with unsuspecting hole dwelling folks.

On my approach back to the boat, we see each other.  Our eyes lock.  It was an unforgettably long moment.  Then you move towards me.  Oh! Barry I just don’t think we are on the same page.  I really need to go.  Like really.  Fast.

[Shane – just an FYI, these scary looking fish are simply curious creatures and will not harm you!]

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