Museum of World Oceans in Kaliningrad

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Museum of World Oceans 5

Museum of World Oceans 1The Museum of the World Ocean is a maritime museum based along the river in the historic center of Kaliningrad. It was established on April 12, 1990 for scientific research and methodological work and it is devoted to the history of exploration and development of the World Ocean.

Museum of World Oceans 3The museum’s historical fleet is a unique collection containing the Vityaz (the largest research museum ship in the world), the only post-war museum submarine afloat in Russia, the Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev (uniquely designed for space communication and currently housing a museum exposition onboard), the SRT-129 (the only fishing trawler in Russia), a sea going float plane, and more

Museum of World Oceans 2The history of exploration and development of the World Ocean is presented onboard the museum ships and the coastal museum complex in Kaliningrad includes several buildings with different exhibits. In the main building you will find a small collection of saltwater aquariums, a collections of seashells and corals, geological & paleontology exhibits, as well as the biggest skeleton of a cachalot in Russia.

Museum of World Oceans 4I will admit I was surprised at how big the Museum of World Oceans was. I expected to find a building housing an exhibit of ocean research and did not expect to be greeted by all the wonderful ships lining the wharf and then even more surprised to find out all the building along the wharf were part of the museum and house different exhibits.

The one odd thing I found is that you pay for each ship and museum you want to see instead of one entrance fee to see it all, but it is reasonably price just the same. All in all the museum is worth a visit and will entertain you for hours.

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