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Mother Nature turns trash into treasure

By June 23, 2020 No Comments

I do love when I find sea glass and pottery, which comes from broken glass and pottery being rubbed against rocks and sand until the jagged edges are rounded and it is safe to handle.

As far as glass goes the three most common colors are Budweiser brown, Heineken green, and Corona white (be careful in today’s world handling this color, haha). For me I only want to find sea glass that is a different color than the above three. Check out this cool article I found on sea glass color. I love baby blue and deep blue, plus I knew someone that found purple glass. How cool is that?

The other thing I like to find is the pottery with designs on it. Some of this can be hundreds of years old and some can be pool tiles from a resort. I am told in the olden days broken dishes were thrown overboard in the harbors so taxes were not charged on it. Sometimes the locals would find the broken pieces all rounded off and use it as a form of money back in the day.

Some other interesting things I have found on beaches are sea beans, which are seeds from the Amazon that wash up on the Bahamas windward beaches, and a yeti, who was buried to his waist butt up. Haha

If you like this stuff as I do then you just have to get to the beach and keep searching. Oh darn! More time relaxing while walking the beaches or snorkeling the shore. Life is rough. 🙂

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