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Month of August

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I spent the week in Dallas with my Nieces, nephews, and little cousins.  It seemed like all they wanted to do was swim and have me throw them around the pool.

 Maritime Sanitation put the holding tanks into both sides of the boat.  They put in bladder style tanks and did a very nice job.

 I made shelves for both forward holds to put books on and a place for a lap top to watch movies in bed.  I made the first one perfectly square, but of course nothing on a boat is square and I had to mark the modifications.  This is how you have to do things on a boat since every space is different and there is no standard size.  The shelves are in now and look very good.  Joel has been coming down most weekends and this weekend he helped me install a 32” TV.

I have been getting quite a bit of rain from tropical depression Ana that is around Florida.  I found a soccer center and have already had a team pick me up.  Other than that I have continued to work on little projects around the boat.

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