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Mission Impossible at Sombrero Island

By May 4, 2017 2 Comments
Us at Sombrero Island
Sombrero - Melek In Dinghy

Here I sit in the middle of nowhere waiting for Shane to finish exploring

As many of you know I am off to cruising around upper Caribbean with Shane, and he had a dream about going to an island called Sombrero where no one ever goes! So, it was our first stop! We got ready, got on the dinghy and searched for a place where we can get on to the island. Shane read that there was a ladder to climb up the 40 foot cliff, but the problem was the ladder was high up and there was no where we could leave the dinghy. We tried a couple of times and decided that I would drive the dinghy (which I never done before) and wait for him while he explores!

So, we approached the rocks and Shane kind of jumped and held on to the ladder while I of course had a problem driving the dinghy and almost hit the rocks by turning it the wrong way! I found out that you need to turn the tiller the opposite direction you want to go! ???? I wish he told me that before! Anyways so I had to wait in the middle of the sea so he could go, see the island, take nice pictures and come back! What a nice girlfriend I am!

Sombrero - Melek - In St Barts

I got more experience driving the dinghy in St Barts, which you can read about next

Oh of course it is not over, I started to worry about going back there (safely) and approaching the rocks in a proper way to pick him up! But as I had around 40 minutes to wait I learned how to drive the dinghy myself, so it was not bad, he just needed to jump in a bit as I wasn’t that close! But a mission which looked impossible at first, was accomplished! He was happy to see the island, which he has been wanting to see for a long time, and I was quite proud of myself for not hitting the dinghy somewhere and coming back safely!

He has written 2 blogs about the island earlier this week, so if you go back you can read about this deserted island!


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