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Merry Christmas to all….

By December 25, 2011 No Comments

This week I hung out in Sapodilla Bay (see 1st photo) while the winds blew out of the east at 20-25.  I had a relaxing time while I climbed Sapodilla Hill to view the historic site where sailors from the past carved their names into the rocks (see 2nd photo).  I also rode my bike to the north side of the island and relaxed on the beach of Grace Bay.  This is where all the resorts are and I can see why.  It is gorgeous, but there is no protection for a cruiser.  So while the beach was getting pounded, mine and several other boats were sitting in calm water.  Another site I visited was the Cheshire Hill sugar plantation ruins (see 3rd photo).

On Thursday night South Side Marina picked up all the cruisers in the anchorage and drove us to their weekly BBQ, which was very nice of them.  One of the other cruisers helped me reattach the part for the main sail, so that should be back up and running.

The best part of the week was the arrival of my best friend Joel on Saturday afternoon.  I walked the 3-4 miles to the airport to meet him.  Once he arrived we found out a cab back would be a ridiculous $36 for the same distance I just walked.  We said forget it and started walking.  We did not make it half a mile and a local offered us a ride.  SWEET!!!!

I hope each and every one of you had a great Christmas.

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