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Merry Christmas from…….

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Christmas Cove of course!!!!!!

This wonderful bay is on the west side of Great St James island and is half a mile away from St Thomas. My first year down here I took guest there all the time, but my second year and half of my third year I took them to other locations. Well half way through the third season I took some guest there and remembered how great all the snorkeling is.

Around Fish Cay (in the middle of the anchorage) is the best, but you also have a fantastic ridge running from the midway point (where the rocky beach starts) and heading south. There is also a rock outcropping I like because I seem to always find cool sea creatures under the rocks (always look if you can).

There are mooring that were put in at the end of 2011 by a federal grant, but the lack of maintenance has cause many to disappear. Hopefully this one issue will be fixed soon, because the moorings just help enhance this amazingly protected bay with amazing snorkeling. Plus you can now get a delicious pizza from Pizza Pi, which is a food boat anchored in the bay.

Christmas Cove

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