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Marceline, Missouri is the hometown of Walt Disney

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This is also the hometown of my mother and last month when my daughter visited for Labor Day weekend we took her over to see where her Grandmother lived and the Walt Disney Hometown Museum.

The museum is located in the old Santa Fe railroad station, which is really fitting since my grandpa was an engineer for Santa Fe his whole life. In fact, I am pretty sure this is why my mom and her family grew up in the 2000 person town since it has always been a railroad town.

Disney’s childhood home

Inside the museum you can find lots of info and memorabilia from the four years Walt Disney lived in a farm house just outside town during his childhood years (1905-1909). Among other things you will find a replica of his porch and the school house he went to with his actual school desk on display. The fun part is that my mom when to the very same school as he did 45 years later.

One of my favorite displays was of a restored car from the Midget Autopia ride Walt Disney himself donated to the city after the ride was removed from Disneyland in 1966 to make room for It’s A Small World. Marceline ran the ride for 11 years until parts could not be found and it was closed in 1977 when I was five years old. I do not remember the ride, but I spent many summers running along the concrete track with my cousin acting like we were the cars. Ahhh, memories!

If you are ever in north central Missouri, I highly recommend you take the time to check out the Walt Disney Hometown Museum and the attached railroad museum. It might not be a cool as we had with my mom showing us all the parts of the town, but it is still well worth a visit!!!

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