Did you know my passion is making travel vidoes?

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Israel travel video

The travel videos take a lot of my time and sometimes I have trouble getting the right angle to start one, but when I do I have a tough time setting it aside. As I make each travel video I get to relive my travels to that location and I get to share my knowledge with other people.

I still have a lot to make annd I hope to be completely caught up at the end of the off season, but the latest ones I have made are some of my favorite and I think they have jumped to a new level. I would love it if you watched some on my YouTube channel and let me know what you think of them. When you are there please SUBSCRIBE to my channel because you will really be helping me out!!!!! I just released one for Jordan with Petra and before that I released two travel videos for Iceland, two travel videos for Turkey, and eight travel videos for the Caribbean. My favorites were Barbuda, Statia, and St Kitts, but let me know which is your favorite.

Just a couple days ago I finished a travel video for Israel and will be uploading it as soon as I have enough bandwidth. Of course, it will be featured on my Patreon site for the first month, so those of my followers that support me financily can get a sneak peak at it. I am going to be real honest with you and let you know that I would love if you choice to support me with a $5 monthly pledge. In addition to helping my creative outlet, you too will be able to see previews of upcoming videos. Thanks for considering.

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