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What makes the Virgin Islands so great is still here!!!!!!

By October 13, 2017 No Comments
Sandbox Beach in North Sound BVI

Even though they got hammered by two catagory 5 hurricanes in a two week period, the islands still have what you want. The destruction is vast, but the beaches are there and the fish are still swimming aroundthe reefs. On top of that the people of the Virgin Islands are still here to greet you.

The bars, resturants, and hotels will all be rebuilt. Just remember that most of the popular spots started with nothing more than a lean to on the beach serving cold beer. Trust me you will love the Virgin Islands still!!!!

With that said I want to share a photo of the Sandbox in North Sound that I took last season. This is one of those quieter beaches in the BVI and makes a great photo of the day.

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