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The most unique thing on St Martin has to be at Maho Beach

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Maho Beach POTD

Maho Beach Plane landingMaho Beach is unique because the end of the international airport is only a hundred feet away from the water’s edge and planes that are landing are less than a hundred feet in the air as they pass overhead. Each day there is a schedule of arriving flights on the blackboard hanging at the entrance to Sunset’s Bar & Grill. When the time comes for an arriving plane the beach is packed as everyone is trying to get photos and videos of the planes and themselves. Even I got caught up in it and it is quite a rush. The other thing people do is hang onto the chain link fence as some of the bigger jets leave, because the plane sits right at the gate and people want to see if they can withstand the blast from those engines. Most of them get blown down the beach, but every now and then serious injury occurs.

Sunset Bar at Maho BeachWhile there are a couple other bars at the other end of the beach Sunset Bar has it dialed in. They actually have several bars on site including one with just a selection of alcoholic slushy machines. You can sit and eat on the wrap around patio as you watch the planes arrive or you can enjoy the pool. On the beach right at the entrance to the bar they have a couple dozen chairs and umbrellas and there are several ladies offering back massages with aloe vera. I chose to partake and with a slush in hand Paula had me lay down in one of the chairs. She then started squeezing the aloe out onto my back and proceeded to massage back and arms. By the end of the 30 minutes I was a bowl of jello and in heaven. She was so good and well worth the $40. In fact, as I think back I realize I need another one. 🙂

I went to Maho Beach on my last day of St Martin and had to be back to the boat by 1pm for the arrival of my guest. I will admit I really only went to see the planes and get some photos for this blog, but as I sat there with the drink, massage, people on vacation, and the excitement of the arriving planes I totally got into it. I did not want to leave and could have spent the entire day limin (Caribbean term for relaxing) away the afternoon!

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