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Miracle on 34th St is based in the Macy’s store

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During my visit to New York City last fall I ended up at the famous Macy’s store, which happens to be the location of the classic Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th St and I loved the store of the gigantic shopping bag sign seen in the photo.

Macy’s was founded by Rowland Hussey Macy in 1858 and in 1902, the flagship store moved uptown to its current location, which was so far north of the other main dry goods emporia that it had to offer a steam wagon to transport customers to its store. Although the new store initially consisted of just one building, it eventually occupied almost the entire block with the exception of a small building on the corner. In 1900 the corner lot was purchased for $375,000 – an incredible sum at the time – with the idea of getting in the way of Macy’s becoming the largest store in the world. Macy’s ignored the tactic, and simply built around the building, which now carries Macy’s “shopping bag” sign by lease arrangement. That building earned the name Million Dollar Corner when it was finally sold for a then record $1,000,000 on eleven years later.

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