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Love my new shirt from St Croix

By March 10, 2016 2 Comments

The first time I visited St Croix in 2013 I got a tan t-shirt with a pirate  skeleton laying in a hammock. The tag line was “A pirate’s weekend is for Arrr & Arrr”. I really like that shirt, but it now has a hole at the bottom and a little stain on the shoulder, so it is time to regulate it to a “work on the boat” shirt (see dad, it is possible to get rid of clothes 🙂 ).

Lucky for me I just got back from St Croix so I picked up the shirt below, which is brown with little blue flecks in it giving it a bit of a textured look. I love the color and I think this was the better tag line, but the other one was “You have to have balls to be a pirate” as the pirate is sitting on a pile of cannon balls with a lite cannon behind him.

Which one do you like better? Did I make the right choice? I would love to hear from you below.

My new St Croix t-shirt


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