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Little Tobago Island is a great getaway from what was already a great getaway

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Heading to Little Tobago Island

Little Tobago Island sits less than two miles from the northeast corner of Tobago Island in the southern Caribbean. If you look at the island on a map it has the shape of a bird, which is fitting because this deserted island is in fact a bird sanctuary.

Little Tobago Island

One of the many trails through the rain forest.

To get to Little Tobago you need to get to Speyside and hire a local fisherman to take you across the bay. You can always go as a group and reserve a spot on a tour group going across, but if you know me that is not really my style. Steve and I just kind of showed up and winged it. This worked great since we found a local fisherman that took us across, waited, and brought us back for around $25 each. Of course, there was a bit of a search to find someone available and it took about 45 minutes before we were heading across, but once there we had the entire island to ourselves. It is possible to take your own dinghy to Little Tobago Island, but remember it is against the law, there is no great anchorages close enough, and the locals need to make some money also.

Little Tobago Island entrance

The first thing you will see on Little Tobago Island as you walk down the dock.

You might be wondering what is on Little Tobago Island and why should you go there. The answer is one and the same…..nothing. Outside of an unattended entrance building, abandoned house/office in the hills, a couple observation huts, and lots of trails there is nothing on this island except for a pristine rain forest and hundreds of birds. This is of course the exact same reason you should go there. Steve and I spend two hours walking along the various paths through the rain forest (almost getting lost in the process) and listen to the sounds of the forest and birds.

Little Tobago Island observatory

Hung out in this hut a couple times as it rained. Amazing views!

We had several times it rained on us, so we ducked under the observatory huts and ate mangos we bought right before heading over. The problem with mangos is the fact that they have fibrous strings in the meat and it get caught between your teeth, but don’t worry I had Steve and I covered as I pulled some lose strings of fabric from the inside the pocket of my shorts and bammo we had mango free teeth. Ahh the memories that stick with you. Haha

There is not much more to tell you about this deserted island, because what makes it so fantastic is the lack of stuff to describe. I can tell you that if you are on Tobago Island and do not go over to Little Tobago then you are truly missing out on a beautiful, life filled island and doing yourself a disservice.

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