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You have got to try out the Taco Bar on the south side of St John

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Lime Out Taco Bar 1

Alert! Alert! Alert! The food truck craze is coming to the Virgin Islands, but with a twist. They are actually food boats. Haha. First we had Pizza Pi set up in Christmas Cove five years ago (and what a hit it has been!!!!!). Now the owners of Lime In, based in Cruz Bay on St John, have opened Lime Out Taco Bar in the southeast corner of Coral Bay.

Lime Out Taco Bar 4

This colorful hut on a barge is set up so well. They have a counter top an inch or two above the water and a row of attached seats in the water. They also have floating mats you can use as well. If you stay on those then they float your order to you with some white foam trays.

Lime Out Taco Bar 3

The truth is these are by far some of the best tacos I have ever had. The ? Is my favorite but any of them are wonderful. The bad news is they are regular size tacos and cost $8-10 each meaning you will be spending $20-$30 in tacos to fill up and that is not including one of the tasty beverages (make sure to ask for way less ice as they like to fill it up). But can you put a price on the amazing atmosphere of all the happy people floating in the crystal clear Caribbean water having delicious food?

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