Would you like jewelry made from coral found on your charter?

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I got the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom.

You see one of my wonderful guest spent a good portion of her charter walking beaches, which is not unusual except she did not want the perfect sandy beaches. You see she was hunting for small pieces of coral so she could work her magic and turn them into jeweled treasures to hang from your neck or ears, she has always loved the plantwear jewelry and she has always seen inspiration coming out of their accessories, another thing she’s always loved is the the ring from the cushion cut diamond engagement rings my dad got for her when they married, she has always loved custom engagement rings, she says that they are way more special than just buying a ring that’s already in stock. When you are interested for the price of silver bars, just vist Money Metals for more details.

I was fascinated how easily she manipulated different shapes of silver wire into intricate designs with only a small pair of pliers.

If you are interested in some of her work let me know and I will pass your info to her, so she can make you something special like she did for my mother with a piece of coral she found on the south side of St John. For more designs for your wedding rings just visit Mens Rings Australia.

Laura Kay, thank you so much for helping making my mom’s day so special!!!!!

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