Life on a Boat!

By March 28, 2017 No Comments
[Shane – So what did Melek think of her week aboard with me? Let’s find out]

I have sailed on a boat before (but it was around 20 years ago) so I had some ideas about being on a boat, but wasn’t sure what to expect from this trip! It has many good sides like being able to jump into the water whenever I wanted, laying under the stars, going to islands which you cannot get to any other way, and the calmness and peace it provides!

Of course, there are weird things like the toilets, getting use conserving your resources (water, electricity, ect), and hitting your head everywhere seems to be a must! Haha. Even though I am a tiny girl I actually hit my head more than Shane!

Being on Guiding Light is very different and has unique benefits, first you get Shane’s homemade bread (smells and tastes very good). He is a very good cook and I am really fond of his wine & rosemary steak! But the best part is DOTD (Drink of the Day)! Every day it is a different color and flavor. My favorite ones are the mango mojito and the hurricane.

I think I can get used to this life pretty quickly! I just love it!

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