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“Life As We Knew It” book review

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Life As We Knew It

I had a young guest aboard who was reading one of the books from the “Life As We Knew It” series written by Susan Beth Pfeffer. She started telling me about how the moon was moved closer to the earth by an asteroid and it wrecks havoc on society. Now everyone is trying to find enough food in order to survive.

Even though it sounded extremely interesting, because I like survival stories and apocalyptic tales, I dismissed it due to the fact it is written for teenagers. A couple month later I got a wonderful care package from my guest and one of the things in it was the 2nd book in the series, which I could not put down. Since then I got the other three books. My favorite is still the 2nd with the 1st being next and then the 3rd and finally the 4th.

The books are “Life As We Knew It” (teenage girl survives with family in rural Pennsylvania), “The Gone And The Dead” (same time frame, but a boy in New York City with his two younger sisters), “The World We Live In” (continues from the end of the 1st and 2nd books where they meet), and finally “The Shade Of The Moon” (a couple years later where the younger brother is living in the elite area). I recommend you check these books out.

Life As We Knew It

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