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Lets play a game called “Where in the world is Shane”

By June 28, 2016 No Comments

This is a game my friend and former boss like to play as he sees my blogs and post from all over the globe (I have to admit I have been really blessed with the thing I have been able to do and experience the last several years).

As I write this blog I am getting ready to start the last charter this season. Once done with this charter I will spend 5-6 day getting the boat over to Puerto Rico, hauled out at Puerto Del Rey, and ready to be left for 3-4 months. After that I will fly to Texas for two weeks as I get  ready for my off season travels. THEN I fly out of the country on July 28th for a two month adventure that I am calling my “around the world by planes, trains, and automobile trip”. 🙂

I usually do not like to draw blogs and info out, but I will this time because I think it will be fun. With that said I will not actually tell you where I am going until after I am there and blogging about it, but I will be dropping clues and hints over the next month and a half. What I will tell you is that I plan on visiting six different counties in the Northern Hemisphere in a west to east direction. One of the countries I had to get a visa on line (very easy) and another I have to mail my passport to the consulate  (no easy task when I use it each week for my business) to have them put the visa in. The first week is with my friend Eric, who is a firefighter in Missouri, where we will drive around to see amazing waterfalls, nature, and a spectacular country.

I can not wait for this adventure and to be able to share it with you, my loyal readers, but until then enjoy a  travel video I made about Puerto Rico since that is where I am hauling the boat out there. I love this island.

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