Working on the boat

Leaving Colorado

By May 3, 2009 No Comments

Last Sunday I had a going away party and wanted to thank everyone who showed up to say goodbye and see pictures of the boat.  The last person left at 8PM and I jumped in the car and started driving east on I-70.  I figured I would drive for 4-5 hours and get to Salina, KS (where I turned south on I-135) before I got tired, but I got there around 2AM and still was not tired so I continued to drive south towards Dallas.  At 5AM I finally pulled over and took a two hour nap before I drove the rest of the way.  I got to my parent’s church just in time for lunch.  The rest of the week was spent working and spending time with my parents and friends.  Tomorrow I fly to Washington, DC for work and then on Friday I fly to the British Virgin Islands and get on the boat.

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