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Laziness versus Exploring!

By August 22, 2017 2 Comments
Mine layer in Canakkale
Assos harbor

The waterfront in Assos where there are only two streets, no true parking lot, and tons of cars, lease a 1 series from All Car Leasing, they´ll get you the best offer anywhere!!! 🙂

Shane wrote about our road trip starting from Canakkale – Marmara Sea / Dardanelles towards the Aegean coast. There are many historic sites to see there as well as beautiful beaches. First, I had a really busy schedule for us to see many places on our way. This included many historic sites, and we found more on the way which were not even on my list. The reality is that we couldn’t get ourselves to do all of it.

It was mainly because first Shane was tired due to busy charter season and also travelling to Turkey he needed rest. Also, as we started having Turkish breakfast in the morning it took us at least 45 minutes to finish that. ???? [Shane – I wrote about Turkish breakfast on Sunday if you want to see how easy it is to spend an hour and a half eating.]

Melek at Nar Konak Hotel

Our beautiful hotel’s garden!!!!

One of our hotels, Nar Konak, was an old stone house with a beautiful garden and it was a quiet place in the ancient city of Assos. We enjoyed the hotel so much that we cancelled the other hotel we were planning to stay at and stayed there for two nights. As their breakfast was excellent we couldn’t stop eating, playing with the cats and chatting with the owners who are a couple of a Turkish lady named Gizem and her husband Juan from Argentina.

Nar Konak Hotel

there were so many little places to relax at Nar Konak Hotel.

They are such nice people and take good care of you that we couldn’t manage to leave the hotel until between 12 and 14.00 pm. We were planning to see two old Greek towns up in the mountains but we could make it to only one and we didn’t have time to enjoy the beach. But I guess sometimes relaxing and spending some lazy time is good as we plan to continue our road trip in September when the temperatures are lower and start from Izmir / Ephesus and continue towards Bodrum and Marmaris which are quite popular places for vacations. [Shane – in the mean time we have a month and a half in Africa and Europe before finishing back in Turkey. I hope you will continue to come back and follow our adventures.]


  • Shane says:


    THANK YOU. You are the best!

  • Tanya K says:

    Enjoy!! Every morning I have my Turkish breakfast ((: tomatoes, feta, cucumbers and olive oil. Unfort with kids getting ready for school it’s usually 4-5min Iinstrad of 45min! Lolol!
    Enjoy Bodrum and Ephesus .. and all those good Turkish figs for me!! Happy Travels guys.

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