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The last sunrise on my pilgrimage in Israel

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Israel - Sea of Galilee - Sunrise

So a funny story about this photo, I set my alarm for 5:30am in order to walk along the boardwalk and get a sunrise photo over the Sea of Galilee. Well I took 20-25 photos and videos as the sun started peaking over the mountains surrounding the lake. There were some good one, but not as good as this one. The problem is that I put effort into those and then went back to my room and took an hour nap before I had to catch an 8:30 bus to the north end of the lake. At the last minute I chose to snap a pic from my phone and post it on Facebook to let everyone know I was about to head to Jordan (you can start reading about this great country tomorrow) and it turns out that was my favorite photo of the sunrise. It just goes to show you that you never know when the “Photo of the Day” will come about.

Israel - Sea of Galilee - Sunrise

A last minute photo turns out way better than expected! This is over the Sea of Galilee.

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