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Do you know the jackass on St John?

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Jackass of St John

One of the favorite things people see are the “wild” donkeys on St John. I put the wild in parentheses because the more accurate term would be feral. This is because they are the descendants of the mules used to crush the sugar cane during the plantation era. Once the Danish plantation owners left the island they let the donkeys run free.

These donkeys have access to wander all over the island, but tend to be found more often on the southern side of St John. Especially around Coral Bay, where they like to just hang out in town.

They tend to be docile and let you take photos of them, but please remember they are not domesticated and could kick or bite you with devastating results.

a pair of Donkeys

Me and a donkey

Which is the jackass? Wait I do not think I want you to answer that. 🙂


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