The cathedral links Kaliningrad to its German past

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Organ in Kaliningrad Cathedral

The cathedral sits on an island in the middle of Kaliningrad’s historic center. Today all the island has is the cathedral and a large park, but in the past the entire island was used for housing and shops, except the cathedral and seeing old photos, the island is packed with buildings.

Kaliningrad Cathedral

The island is called Kneiphof Island and it sits in the Pregolya River. To get to it you can head south on Leninsky Prospekt and start crossing the automobile bridge. Once you are in line with the cathedral head down the stairs from the bridge. The other option is to walk across a pedestrian bridge from the opposite side of the island, next to the “Fish Village”.

The cathedral was started in 1333, but due to the extensive damage, caused by the intense fighting to take the city from the Germans during World War 2, it was largely reconstructed since 1945.

Kaliningrad Cathedral 3

A model of what Kaliningrad use to look like with the cathedral on the right side of the island

There are two parts to a tour of the cathedral. The first part is the typical main part of the cathedral, with its large vaulted ceilings. I suspect due to the reconstruction since the war, but I found the cathedral to be quite plain. This is made up for when you turn around and check out the beautiful organ taking up the entire balcony. The second part to tour is above the foyer. Right when you enter the building you can go up a spiral staircase and find a three-story museum dedicated to the life and work of Immanuel Kant, whose tomb lies beside the cathedral walls.

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