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Join me for the premiere of the Trinidad travel video

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Tonight at 9pm eastern time my latest travel video will premiere on YouTube. This one is about the amazing island of Trinidad. I really hope you will join me for the premiere, so you can write questions and comments and I will be able to answer them as we watch the Trinidad travel video together. 🙂 If you can’t join me for the premiere, you can watch the episode at any time you want after that. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a synopsis of this 28 minute episode:

In this episode of Aboard the Guiding Light we are going to explore every corner of Trinidad and find out why it is such a great place to visit.

The first thing we will do is four events of Carnival, which is arguably the second largest carnival in the world after the one in Rio. We are going join The Old Yard to see old costumes and acts, then watch the crowning of the King & Queen at Dimanche Gras, then do an early morning party in the streets as part of J’ouvert, before spending the day enjoying the Parade of Bands.

After carnival is over we will check out the Military History & Arespace Museum, old tracking station hike, and look for howler monkeys in Chaguaramas before taking Jesse James’ Taste of Trini tour to sample all the different foods of the island.

From there we will go into Port of Spain to see the zoo, botanical garden, Magnificent Seven, National Academy for the Performing Arts, National Museum and Art Gallery, and Fort George.

After that we will rent a car to see other places around the island including Maracus Waterfall, Mount St. Benedict Abbey, Asa Wright Nature Center, Nariva Swamp, Caroni Swamp, Pitch Lake, and a mud volcano.

The last part of this travel video will find us taking the Guiding Light to explore the few cruising options there are which include the Diego Islands, Gaspar Grande Island (with its under ground lake), the former leper colony at Chacachacare, Monos Island, Scotland Bay ,and a few bays on the north coast.

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