Jimmy Buffet went to Paris…and I went to see him

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Look at this venue Is this close or what? Love his footwear wat work I think we had fun!!!!

I was able to end my trip to Europe by meeting my friends in Paris and seeing Jimmy Buffet live in concert for the first time. If you don’t know who Jimmy Buffet is then I don’t really know why you are reading a cruising/chartering blog, since he is just about the patron saint of sailing! And check it out, he chooses the same footwear for work as I do. 🙂

He played in Paris at La Cigal, which is a small theater perfect to enjoy an intimate concert with your friends. When I say small I mean I was in row 17 and about 10 from the back. I don’t think there could have been more than a 1000 people, even though I am told it was closer to 2000.

What a way to end such a great trip!!!!! This week I will be finishing up my post about my trip with photos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Plus a blog on Tuesday about Paris and Thursday about the Catacombs, which was the highlight of Paris so don’t miss it!!!!

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