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Day 12 – Last day in Jordan is quite an adventure in Jerash

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Ajlun Castle

[Mom – September 18, 2019 – Our day started at an Ammonite watchtower (Ruim Al-Malfour) which was built in 500-1000 BC. We then moved on to Jerish, a Greek City built around 100 BC, where Bill and Shane got to ride in a chariot. Our final destination was Aljun Castle built in 1184 AD as a fortress to protect against the Crusaders. We then begin the tedious journey across the Jordan/Isreali border and are now settled into a cute apartment in Nazareth only 1/2 km from where Mary and Jesus grew up.]

The Cardo in Jerash

That is what my mom wrote on Facebook back in September in the middle of our three week trip with my dad and her friend through Israel and Jordan. I made a video blog (vlog) about the day that I hope you will take the time to watch. As mom says we crossed back over to Israel, so this is the last blog for Jordan.

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