Jagala Waterfall proves Estonia is not know for waterfalls

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Estonia - Jagala Waterfall 1

As you read the last several days, After leaving Lithuania to go to Estonia in mid August I immediately took a ferry to Helsinki, Finland for a day trip. Well today I am starting to write about my time in Estonia and will do that with Jagala Waterfall found half an hour east of the capital.

The fact Estonia is not know for waterfalls is not a knock on Jagala Waterfall, because it is actually a great place to check out. It is more the fact that this is the highest natural waterfall in Estonia with a height of only 24 feet.

Once at Jagala Waterfall you will notice it is quite flat on top and below the waterfall and the waterfall itself is crescent shaped. There are stairs that lead you down to the bottom of the waterfall and if you go to the side you can actually walk behind the water all the way to the other side without getting very wet.

Jagala Waterfall is a nice nature break from the Old town of Tallin that everyone comes to Estonia to see. The fact it is less than a half hour drive from the capital makes it very easy to reach also. Just don’t expect to spend much more than half an hour exploring. Although this would be a great place for a picnic.

Estonia - Jagala Waterfall 2

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