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Those of you that know me well might be surprised to hear that one of my favorite times while on charter is when we have the captain’s “drink of the day”. This is because I am not a huge drinker and do not care for beer. But when 5:30 or so comes around and we are in our final anchorage  for the day, it is nice to sit back in the cockpit or on the trampoline and reflect on the day. I am told that I have a knack for helping people go outside their comfort zones with the different activities we do.

The drink of the day is one of the very few things I do that is the same schedule each charter. This is because I like to mix up the frozen drinks verse those over ice and the sweet desert drinks verse the savory fruity drinks. The drinks I make on a seven night charter are the banana Bailey colada (BBC), mango majito, vanilla delight, hurricane, da’ lime in da’ coconut, bushwacker, and finally a goomby smash. Each of them has people that think it is their favorite, so they are all popular and a few of them are known and people say mine are the best versions (I might be bragging a little 🙂 ).

Every now and then I have guest that opt to not have the drink of the day and halfway through the charter someone in the group asked about them and why I am not making them. I have to say because so and so said no and I did not get the alcohol as part of your provisions. It is funny the looks the person that filled out the preference sheet and said no gets from the rest of the group. Hahaha

Even though I do not drink very much it is fun to use the following quotes:

Rum is the answer…….Now what  was the question?

You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning!

Making the DOTD

Drinks are ready. Who wants one?

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